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Press Coverage of Flamenco Project

Journey to Flamenco and Back Again; "B&W+Color Photography Magazine" Issue 87; December 2011
Text by Steve Kahn + photos (14) from the Flamenco Project collection. First major article on the Project pubilshed in the USA. 10 pages. English.

La Edad de Platino by Ricardo Pachón; "Cuadernos Gitanos 8"; October 2011
Illustrated with photos (5) from the Flamenco Project collection. 6 pages. Spanish only.

Flamenco Project; "El Canon / revista de arte flamenco No 3"; June 2011
Text and photos (7) by Steve Kahn reprinted from the Flamenco Project catalog. 6 pages. Spanish only.

Possessed: The Magic of Flamenco; "Reed College Alumni Magazine"; Summer 2009
Text by Steve Kahn + photos (7) from the Flamenco Project collection. 6 pages + cover. English.

Articles, Anecdotes and other Written Material

Morón de la Frontera -- An American Aficionado's Shangri-La by Jay E. Kantor, PhD
Colloqium "Flamenco in America" NYU Nov 2, 2002
Jay's insightful essay on Morón, Diego and the American fascination with la vida flamenca.

Two Anecdotes by Jay Kantor
These two short pieces entertain us with Jay's unique perspective on life in Morón and his penetrating sense of humor.

Morón de la Frontera Winter/Spring 1963-64
Chet Creider, one of the very first foreigners to take up residence in Morón and study with Diego, remembers his experience.

A Night Remembered
Robert Charlton tells of bar hopping and cante with Miguel Funi.

Joselero de Morón
Pedro Luis Vázquez García´s 1985 article following the death of Luis Torres Cádiz "Joselero", translated by Estela Zatania and reprinted on deflamenco.com's website summer 2010 in conjuction with Morón de la Frontera's Gazpacho Centenario celebration of his birth. (English and Spanish)

The Non-Spaniard in Flamenco
D. E. Pohren´s article from the 1988 update to his book Lives and Legends of Flamenco

Apropos Duende, or Being Possessed
A true story of a fiesta in Setenil, by Steve Kahn

My Personal Story
How I came to be in Morón, by Steve Kahn

The Mass Delusion of the Gringos and Guiris:
Diego del Gastor, Morón de la Frontera and the Foreign Phenomenon

An essay by Brook Zern

Duende on Hudson Street:
A Flamenco Master Sings for His Sangria

An essay by Brook Zern, from The Village Voice, June 14, 1976

Manuel Morilla
Entrevista por Estela Zatania
(Spanish Only)

Beyond Liner Notes
by Robin Broadbank, formerly associated with Nimbus Records and co-producer of three of Paco del Gastor's CDs.

Connecting the Dots
Bay Area resident Lorin Piper writes of her own introduction to pueblo flamenco in the 1980s.

The Ballad of Gypsy Davy
This article by Carl Nagin about guitarist David Serva was originally published in the East Bay Express, March 10, 2000.

A Short History of Baile Flamenco
by Mica Graña (2002)

El Toque de Morón
A quote from guitarist Raul Rodriguez of the contemporary Flamenco group Son de la Frontera on the toque of Diego del Gastor.

Flamenco with a Foreign Accent
An essay by Marie Jost written in 1997

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